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Spiral Wound Gaskets

Spiral Wound Gaskets

Alltite Gasket Company, Inc. is a manufacturer of industrial metal, metal clad & composition sheet gaskets for heat exchangers, compressors, condensers, pumps, valves, and general industrial applications in all sizes & shapes.

We manufacture standard size gaskets, non-standard size and custom gaskets from metal and composition sheet for the petroleum and natural gas industry, power generation, food service and pharmaceutical industries as well as the commercial transportation industry. We operate nationally and internationally via direct marketing as well as through a network of distributors and dealers.

The spiral wound gasket depends upon the mechanical characteristics of a U shaped metal spiral strip. This makes it particularly suitable for low or fluctuating bolt loads. The sealing strips, or fillers are usually graphite or Teflon but other materials may be chosen from a wide range of materials. For this style to perform properly an inner or outer guide ring may be necessary. This insures maximum recovery of the sealing element.



JD Double Jacket Metal This style has many variations and can be made of many different metals with and without filler and may have an inner ring, outer ring, or both depending on application.

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